Summer 2016
Google Summer of Code Internship
Working with scikit-learn.
Here is my development log.
National Tsing Hua University: Bachelor's Degree
Major in Computer Science.
Bio. I am currently a final year Computer Science undergraduate student at NTHU, working with Min Sun. My research focuses on Deep Learning and its applications in Computer Vision. In particular, I am interested in recent advances in Deep Reinforcement Learning.

In addition to my research experience, I build interesting side projects such as DeepLearningFlappyBird, which has been featured on Hacker News. Also, I am an iOS developer and have received Apple WWDC 2015 scholarship.

See my CV for more details.


Semantic Highlight Retrieval
Finding highlights relevant to a text query in unedited videos has become increasingly important due to their unprecedented growth. We refer this task as semantic highlight retrieval and propose a query-dependent video representation for retrieving a variety of highlights. Our method consist of two parts: (1) “viralets”, a mid-level representation bridging between visual and semantic spaces; (2) a novel Semantically-Modulation (SM) procedure to make viralets query-dependent (referred to as SM viralets).
Kuo-Hao Zeng, Yen-Chen Lin, Ali Farhadi, Min Sun
ICIP 2016

Side Projects

DeepLearningFlappyBird is a Flappy Bird hack using Deep Reinforcement Learning. This project follows the description of the Deep Q Learning algorithm described in Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning and shows that this learning algorithm can be further generalized to the notorious Flappy Bird. See the demo video here.
awesome-watchos is a curated list of awesome watchOS frameworks, libraries, sample apps. It is created with the purpose of helping people to get the hang of apple watch programming.

Work Experiences

Google Summer of Code
In 2016, I participated Google Summer of Code program and worked with scikit-learn community. My mission is to make implementation of many algorithms, such as Stochastic Gradient Descent, Coordinate Descent, support Cython fused types and therefore reduce memory waste.
Real Forest
Real Forest is a feature I developed for well-known iOS app - Forest: Stay focused, be present when I was an intern there. This feature let user plant a real tree in the world using the coins they earned in the app. So far, it has helped planting 8000+ real trees in India and Zambia.